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Development agencies are first-hand witnesses of the impact that corruption can have on a developing country. Asset recovery should be an integral component of governance and anti-corruption programs, as it is not only an economic issue, it is also the enforcement of the rule of law, and a potent symbol of the end of impunity for the corrupt. StAR acts as a partner to development agencies by implementing or improving asset recovery programs that build upon their governance and rule of law programs.  StAR can either complement existing programs or collaborate on new ones, providing necessary expertise and other resources.  

If a development agency recognizes the need for implementation or improvement of an asset recovery program in a specific country or region, they can inform the relevant authorities of the existence of StAR, so that the country can request assistance through a letter to the StAR Secretariat Coordinator and the UNODC Country Representative or the World Bank Country Director.  Requests should be signed by a senior official with the competence and authority to coordinate between the national institutions involved in asset recovery efforts.

StAR and OECD DAC have produced a Questionnaire on Quantitative Reporting on the Return of the Proceeds of Corruption. It collects quantitative information on asset recovery activity in OECD member countries in accordance with the commitments made in the 2008 Accra Agenda for Action on Aid Effectiveness.

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