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Successful asset recovery requires commitment from all levels of government: The officials who must make it a priority by implementing policies which lower the barriers to asset recovery, the investigators who investigate corruption offenses and trace the assets across the globe, and those who engage in the judicial processes to return assets to their rightful country. StAR supports all these national efforts by supplying knowledge products which inform policy makers on best practices, training designed specifically to meet the country's needs, and facilitating international contacts between national authorities and financial centers which can help expedite asset recovery cases.

Countries can request StAR assistance by sending a written request to the StAR Secretariat Coordinator and the UNODC Country Representative or the World Bank Country Director which indicates the nature of the assistance that the national authorities would like StAR to provide and designating a counterpart for follow-up. Requests should be signed by a senior official with the competence and authority to coordinate between the national institutions involved in asset recovery efforts.

StAR and OECD DAC have produced a Questionnaire on Quantitative Reporting on the Return of the Proceeds of Corruption. It collects quantitative information on asset recovery activity in OECD member countries in accordance with the commitments made in the 2008 Accra Agenda for Action on Aid Effectiveness.

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