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Every asset recovery case starts with the collection of evidence and the tracing of assets.  StAR supports that initial stage of asset recovery cases by providing training on financial investigations designed to respond to the specific needs of the requesting country or by providing mentorship on specific issues as needed during an investigation.    

One of the biggest obstacles to asset recovery is obtaining the necessary evidence from the financial center where the assets reside.  As a World Bank/UNODC partnership, StAR is uniquely situated to facilitate contacts between national authorities and financial centers that can potentially expedite requests for mutual legal assistance.   In addition, StAR has worked with INTERPOL to establish a 24-hour, seven-day a week StAR Focal Point Contact List of officials in countries who can respond to emergency requests for assistance.  This database allows the international law enforcement community to better coordinate their efforts in investigating and prosecuting individuals involved in the theft of public funds.

Law enforcement agencies can obtain StAR assistance through a country request to the StAR Secretariat Coordinator and the UNODC Country Representative or the World Bank Country Director.  Requests should be signed by a senior official with the competence and authority to coordinate between the national institutions involved in asset recovery efforts.    

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