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Recent studies, prepared by members of the Decentralization and Subnational Regional Economics thematic group, have included ‘Fiscal Decentralization and the Challenge of Hard Budget Constraints,’ published by MIT Press in March 2003; and ‘Romania Local Social Service Delivery Study,’ both available on this website. A major study to review lessons of experience in subnational fiscal reform is underway and is expected to be completed in the Fall of 2003.

The site also includes a range of studies prepared by non-World Bank staff, e.g., “Conditions for Effective Decentralized Governance,’ prepared by the IRIS Center, University of Maryland. All of the materials on this site have been culled in order to feature what the World Bank’s Decentralization and Subnational Regional Economics Thematic Group would consider to be some of the most useful literature on these topics.

  • WBI Studies - This library is managed by the World Bank Institute’s (WBI) Public Finance, Decentralization and Poverty Reduction Program. WBI supports the World Bank's learning and knowledge agenda by providing training programs and policy services to policymakers, civil society and Bank staff. To facilitate knowledge sharing on various development topics, the database-driven library allows users to search for specific documents by title, author and/or key words. A broader search by country, topic, content type and date can also be conducted. Many of the materials in the Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations section of the library are cross-referenced in other sections of the Decentralization and Subnational Regional Economics website.